84th Rally, Aug. 2nd-11th, Begins in

BEEF is BACK at the 2023 City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
July 26, 2023
Pierre, SD – The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) is excited to announce their participation in the 83rd Annual City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, August 4th – 13th in Sturgis, South Dakota. Motorcyclists and attendees will make their way to Beef Country for one of South Dakota’s largest events of the year...

We are excited to announce our Opening Ceremonies schedule for 2023!
February 9, 2023
The Opening Ceremony parade will start at 3pm on Friday, August 4, 2023. To join everyone watching the parade which will include Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen, Grand Marshall Laura Klock and other sponsors and dignitaries as well as an awe-inspiring flag procession, please be on Main Street from 4 th Street to Middle Street.

City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Notice of Request for Hire for 84th Annual City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Logo
January 27, 2023
PROPOSALS DUE: February 24, 2023 at 1:00PM Mountain Time Final artwork from individuals for a unique logo that will be used to promote the 84th annual City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Proposed artwork will be received until 1:00 P.M. on the date shown above, at the City of Sturgis, Brand Manager’s Office, 1040 Harley-Davidson Way, Sturgis, SD 57785 or via email. No proposals will be accepted after the time specified. Proposals shall become the sole property of the City of Sturgis upon receipt.

The City of Sturgis Unveils The City of Sturgis Bike Build
January 20, 2023
The City of Sturgis along with Laura Klock from Helping with Horsepower recently unveiled the City of Sturgis Bike Build. Laura and students from Mitchell Technical College have been working hard to finish this build which will benefit not only Klock’s Helping with Horsepower program, but also the City of Sturgis Endowment that benefits non-profits in the community. It will be auctioned at Mecum Auctions Las Vegas on Jan. 28.

The City of Sturgis is proud to announce that Laura Klock has been named the Grand Marshal of the 83rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally coming at you this summer. Come join us!
January 20, 2023
The City of Sturgis is proud to announce that Laura Klock has been named the Grand Marshal of the 83rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally coming at you this summer. Come join us!

Sturgis Plans Motorcycle Street Race On Legendary Main Street
October 27, 2022
Sturgis plans motorcycle street race on legendary Main Street STURGIS, S.D. - In an effort to honor the racing tradition as well as bring new and exciting innovations to the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, organizers are planning a street race on legendary Main Street Sturgis for the 83rd Rally. “In order to grow, you generally need to try new things,” said Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen. “We believe by adding this street race on the last Saturday of the Rally, we will appeal to another audience of motorcycle enthusiasts.”

Rally Generates More Than $1 Million For Charities
October 27, 2022
Rally generates more than $1 million for charities STURGIS, S.D. – The City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally gives back to the region in many ways including to local non-profit organizations.

City Of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Provides Significant Economic Boost To State
October 27, 2022
City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally provides significant economic boost to state STURGIS, S.D. – A study completed by Texas A&M University shows that the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally generates an estimated $784.1 million to the economy of South Dakota.

City Of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Attendees Getting Younger
October 27, 2022
City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attendees getting younger STURGIS, S.D. - Demographic surveys of those attending the 2022 City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally show the average age of attendees continues to fall, but the number of attendees who don’t own a motorcycle has actually increased.

Custom Chrome® USA, LLC an Official Sponsor of the 82nd City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
July 18, 2022
Custom Chrome® USA, LLC an international manufacturer and wholesale distributor of aftermarket products for Harley Davidson® motorcycles, announces it is an OFFICIAL SPONSOR of the 82nd Annual City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The Rally will be held August 5th-14th, 2022.

2022 Grand Marshall Announcement
June 13, 2022


RumbleOn Announces 10-Year Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement with the City of Sturgis, South Dakota for the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
June 7, 2022
RumbleOn, Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBL) (the "Company" or "RumbleOn"), the nation's first technology-based omnichannel powersports platform, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive Sponsorship Agreement with the City of Sturgis, South Dakota for its annual City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally event. Held in August every year, the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was founded in 1938 by a group of Indian Motorcycle riders, and has grown into an iconic event, attracting 555,000 attendees in 2021. This Sponsorship Agreement between RumbleOn and the City of Sturgis consists of a 10-year exclusive Powersports category sponsorship for the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally events and a prime downtown retail property lease through 2031.

Sturgis Announces New Rally & Events Director
March 31, 2022
The City of Sturgis is pleased to announce the appointment of Tammy Even-Cordell to lead the Rally & Events Department upon the retirement of Jerry Cole in early May 2022. Ms. Even-Cordell currently serves as the Assistant Rally & Events Director for the City of Sturgis.

Sturgis Rally & Events Director to Retire
February 23, 2022
The City of Sturgis announces the retirement of Rally & Events Director, Jerry Cole, following more than six years with the City leading the Rally & Events Department...

July 21, 2021
Get your motor running! We’re closing in on the 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and it’s sure to be a good time for all in the motorcycle Mecca of the West. As you tune up your engines and start your checklist for your pilgrimage to western South Dakota, take a look at this blog of everything you need to prepare for the 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

July 13, 2021
A look into the rich, colorful history of the special Clydesdale breed begins in the early 19th century, along the River Clyde in Lanarkshire, Scotland. The region, located in a valley, or “dale,” was known for its rich soil and abundant crops. The farmers were in great need of strong horses for hauling, plowing, and carting all the necessary farm equipment and workers...

June 2, 2021
Daredevil, emergency responder and American hero COLE FREEMAN presents one of the most iconic stunts to take place in Downtown Sturgis during the city's 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Freeman will inject adrenaline-fueled thrills and champion support for non-profit group RESPONDER RESCUE as the main event during the Rally’s closing ceremonies...

RumbleOn Announces Three Year Sponsorship of the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
May 28, 2021
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RumbleOn, Inc (NASDAQ: RMBL), the e-commerce company using innovative technology to simplify how dealers and consumers buy, sell, trade or finance pre-owned vehicles, today announced it will be an official sponsor of the world-famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for another three years. RumbleOn will have a physical presence at the rally where powersport enthusiasts can buy, sell or trade their powersport vehicles onsite, and interact with the brand at the prominent corner of 6th and Lazelle St.

The City of Sturgis is proud to announce Jody Perewitz as the 2021 City of Sturgis Grand Marshal.
April 28, 2021
Jody Perewitz has become one of the most recognizable women in the motorcycle industry today. She has paved her own way into history by becoming the first woman to ever jockey an American V-Twin powered motorcycle into the record books at well over 200 MPH. She currently holds 16 land speed records, one of which is a world record...

Signature Rides Set the Sturgis Rally Apart
March 31, 2021 - By Bryan Harley
The Ride. Be it the ritual ride to Sturgis or around the Black Hills, riding helps set the Sturgis Rally apart. Take a spin on Iron Mountain Road and tell me I’m wrong the first time you pass through Doane Robinson Tunnel and see the giant faces of Mount Rushmore staring back at you. For quick getaways, the delightful twists and turns of Vanocker Canyon are a stone’s throw from town. Be it national treasures or natural wonders, there’s magic in the Black Hills no matter which direction you set out...

Tips on the 2021 Sturgis Rally from a 2020 Sturgis Rally Survivor
January 15, 2021
The decision to attend the 2020 Sturgis Rally was not an easy one. My family had been hyper-vigilant in our quest to keep my 81-year-old mother healthy since the pandemic hit. Attending meant I’d also need to quarantine from my wife and kids when I got back home, and their hugs and kisses are the thing I crave most upon after a couple weeks on the road. Some states were still mired in lockdowns, countless small businesses had shuttered, and many meals were eaten from the seat of my motorcycle. I hadn’t traveled far from home since covering Daytona Beach Bike Week back in March, and just about every motorcycle event after that had been cancelled because of COVID...

Sturgis to construct Gold Star Families Memorial
November 4, 2020
The Sturgis community will soon be home to a Gold Star Families Memorial Monument. The Monument will be placed near the Harley-Davidson Rally Point Plaza at the corner of Main Street and Harley-Davidson Way, where visitors and community members can visit the monument and reflect on the sacrifices made for our nation...

2020 City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Update
September 9, 2020
The San Diego State University IZA study regarding the COVID-19 cases resulting from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is blatantly faulty. The study concludes that nearly 20% of the COVID- 19 cases reported in America from August 2 to September 2 are due to the event. This outrageous conclusion is antithetical to actual case data as numerous State Officials across the United States have been actively seeking to tie any COVID-19 case to the event. Despite these active efforts, fewer than 300 cases have been identified nationwide. The careless ease with which mainstream media outlets have published a report that multiplies that factual data by 1,000 is shameful. The absolute preposterousness of the conclusion is further demonstrated by the results of the community-wide mass testing which occurred after the event, where there were 26 positives cases out of 650 patients tested...

2020 Sturgis Beef Throw Down Announces Beef, Brews, Bikers Event Winners
August 19, 2020
PIERRE, SD- This past week marked the 80th year of the Sturgis ® Motorcycle Rally™ and South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) added a new twist to the 2020 Sturgis Beef Throw Down with the Beef, Brews, and Bikers experience. The SDBIC collaborated with Food Network Celebrity Chef Justin Warner and the City of Sturgis to create a tour experience with beef once again being center stage. This demand building experience is part of the partnership that designates BEEF as the official meat of the Rally™. The venues allowed beef to reach approximately 366,000 consumers throughout the ten-day event taking place August 7-16, 2020...

August 3, 2020
Travelers and non-tribal residents who do not have a permit for providing emergency or essential services are NOT permitted to travel through some South Dakota tribal lands. These checkpoints have been put in place by these tribes to protect their residents from additional COVID-19 exposure...

Vendor Protocols
June 30, 2020
City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2020 Temporary Vendor and Malt Beverage/Liquor License Holder Protocols

Mayor's Rally Update
June 16, 2020

2020 City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Update
June 16, 2020
The Sturgis City Council has announced that a modified 80th Annual City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is being prepared. The event will have significant changes to city-sponsored events with the intention of safeguarding the community and residents.

City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Consideration Protocols
May 4, 2020
The Sturgis City Council has prepared a set of protocols that will be used when making the decision to hold or cancel the upcoming City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally scheduled for August 7-16, 2020. This decision will be under consideration because of the wide-spread COVID-19 pandemic.

March 25 Mayor's Press Update
March 31, 2020

On March 25, the Mayor and Meade County Commissioner Ted Seaman gave a short press conference regarding City and County protocols during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

You can view the press release on the City of Sturgis Facebook page

City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Update Related to COVID-19
March 13, 2020
News about the COVID-19 continues to evolve on a daily basis. The City of Sturgis is closely monitoring developments to determine how best to assist our Rally goers with the best information possible. The scheduled start date is Friday, August 7th currently we are planning on having the greatest rally ever. To receive the most, accurate updates please use the “Official” channels for The City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

February 10, 2020
A very emotional exhibit, Remembering Our Fallen will be displayed at Sturgis Community Center during the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to remind Americans of the ultimate sacrifice made by those who died from wounds suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan while wearing our country’s uniform...

City of Sturgis Holds Post-Rally Summit
October 7, 2019
STURGIS, SD - On October 3rd, the City of Sturgis held their annual Post-Rally Summit meeting. City officials along with representatives from the South Dakota Department of Tourism and the Black Hills and Badlands Tourism Association presented information about Rally marketing efforts, Rally attendee demographics, and economic impacts. During the meeting the official attendance number along with promotional goals for the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally were also shared with the public.

Easy Rider- Saturday, August 3rd
July 26, 2019
Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ announces that the Movie Easy Rider will be shown on Saturday, August 3rd at Harley-Davidson Rally Point. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the movie's release. On Saturday, August 3rd during the Sturgis®Motorcycle Rally™ at 9:30 p.m. the movie will be shown for a free public viewing. Harley-Davidson Rally Point is on the corner of Harley-Davidson Way and Legendary Main Street. Bring a date and enjoy one of the most iconic motorcycle movies that defined a culture. See you there!

Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ Boasts 250 Concerts in 10 Days
July 22, 2019
See what Concerts are coming to Sturgis and the Surrounding Areas!

Pardon our Construction: Mount Rushmore is OPEN!
July 10, 2019
The Information Center, Audio Tour, Restrooms, Gift Shop and Carver’s Café & Ice Cream shop terrace area --with breathtaking views of the monument --are all OPEN! The Nature Trail across from the Parking Lot takes you to the Borglum View Terrace and Civilian Conservation Corps stairs that lead to the original Historic Viewing Area. The Sculptor’s Studio, which is the artist’s original studio, gives his perspective and vision of the monument to visitors. The Presidential Trail is also open to the turnaround. Great Views of the monument are available from every venue!

Opening Ceremonies- Cole Freeman to attempt to jump over Sturgis’s Legendary Main Street
July 3, 2019
Cole Freeman of Saint Louis Missouri travels the world thrilling spectators like a legend from the past. His adrenaline fueled, fast paced riding style is taking the sport to a new level. Many of the stunts that Cole dares to attempt have never been tried and most of them, for good reason. In the most recent feat Cole jumped a Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ninety Nine Feet Ten Inches shattering his ramps, bike and the record. Cole is on a mission to keep the industry thriving through extreme entertainment while paying homage to his childhood hero Evel Knievel. Cole will be bringing his show to the 79th Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ August 2nd at 4:00 p.m. when he will attempt to jump over Sturgis’s Legendary Main Street as part of the year’s opening ceremonies. It’s free and fun and will be a spectacular site to see.

Ballard Guitar Give Away
June 28, 2019

Future Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Dates
June 26, 2019
STURGIS, SD - In response to inquiries regarding the dates of the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the event will officially begin on Friday, August 7 and will end on Sunday, August 16, 2020.

2019 Coca-Cola® Poker Run
June 25, 2019
Are you excited for the 79th Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™? The Poker Run is back just in time to help with your anticipation! Starting in Mid-June, get out and about in the Hills to collect all five of the limited edition Coca-Cola® Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ Poker Chips. Stop by a local C-store today and grab some refreshing ice cold Coca-Cola® to get more details! #cokesturgispokerrun

2019 AMA National Gypsy Tour features eight events, eight states Scenic rides, entertainment, vendors all part of experience
April 2, 2019
PICKERINGTON, Ohio -" The 2019 AMA National Gypsy Tour, a series of premier road-riding events, includes some of the country's largest and best known motorcycle gatherings. Motorcyclists gather for an AMA-sanctioned ride during 2018 Laconia Motorcycle Week. Photo by Laconia Motorcycle Week "This year's tour kicked off with the AMA Gypsy Tour at Bike Week in Daytona Beach, one of the biggest rallies in the nation," said AMA Recreational Riding Manager Heather Wilson. "The tour continues in April with the Laughlin River Run in Nevada and moves on from there.

2018 Post Rally Summit
October 12, 2018
View the Post Rally Summit Here

NEWS UPDATE: City of Sturgis kicks off Rally Gives Back campaign
September 4, 2018
STURGIS, SD - The Sturgis City Council will kick off the 2018 Rally Gives Back campaign on Tuesday, September 4 with significant donations to local charities. The funding comes from several events held by the City, SMRi, and Sponsors during the 2018 Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™.

Legendary Sturgis 5k Results
August 11, 2018
Sturgis 5k Results

The City Manager along with representatives from SMRi unveiled the official 79th Logo.
August 9, 2018

DAILY MEDIA UPDATE Wednesday, August 8, 2018
August 8, 2018
News - Temporary Vending Licenses: As of this morning (Aug. 8) 617 Temporary Vendor Licenses have been issued. This number compares to 658 at the same time last year. At least a portion of this variance has to do with fewer vendors purchasing two licenses. One license is good for 12-days. Garbage For the Rally period so far, we are now up by 3.0% over 2017. Ambulance calls as of Tuesday morning: 144 vs 129 in 2017. DOT traffic counts are up 3.8% as of Tuesday. (Friday-Tuesday) Tomorrow at the Rally - Thursday, August 9 The Burger Battle continues at H-D Rally Point Stage at 11:00. Winners will advance to the finals on Friday. Jackpine Gypsies will host short-track and mini-sprint races. Gates open at 4:00 and racing starts at 7:00. Daily Press Conference guests: SD Beef Council Interviews and other information If you would like to schedule an interview with any of the City staff, they will most likely be available following the daily press conference. If you need additional information about events taking place in the City, please call or text 347-1331.

78th Sturgis� Motorcycle Rally� Presents Sergeant First Class Retired Dana Bowman.
August 2, 2018
In 1994, while serving as a member of the U.S. Army�s elite parachute team, The Golden Knights, a mid-air collision cost Dana Bowman both of his legs. His determination in the Army, and now the civilian world, has earned him world-wide recognition as a motivational speaker and skydive demonstrator. Traveling the world, Dana spreads his message, �It�s Not the Disability, It�s the Ability! Never Quit." Dana will be offering a free presentation to the public on Saturday, August 4 at 11:00 AM in the Community Center Theater.

August 1, 2018
Friday will be the first official day of the 2018 Rally. Main Street will close to 4-wheeled traffic at 2AM Friday. Map of street closures. Main Street Photo Towers will be open 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily. Towers are located at Junction and Main as well as Main and Third. Media will have free access to these towers with a Sturgis Media Pass. Daily media briefings will take place at 1:00 in the Sturgis Community Center, 1401 Lazelle. Parking passes for media are available at the same location where you pick up Media passes. All press releases are posted on the City Website Media page. Tomorrow at the Rally - Friday, August 3 Neil Hultman Day - Founding Father of the Jackpine Gypsies. Reception at Sturgis Indian at 10:00 AM. Press Release. Opening Ceremonies will take place at 4:00 PM at Harley-Davidson Rally Point. Dana Bowman will do his first parachute jump into Sturgis at 4:00 as part of the Opening Ceremonies. Press Release. Interviews and other information If you would like to schedule an interview with any of the City staff, they will be available following the daily press conference. If you need additional information about events taking place in the City, please call or text 605-347-1331.

Friday, August 3 Proclaimed Neil Hultman Day in Sturgis
July 31, 2018
STURGIS, SD - Friday, August 3 Proclaimed Neil Hultman Day in Sturgis Sturgis resident Neil Hultman was the first official Road Captain for the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club. In 1947, he and Pappy Hoel worked hand in hand leading motorcycle tours through the Black Hills, promoting the Sturgis Hill Climb, and the Half-Mile racing events...

Rockford Fosgate Named Official Motorcycle Audio Sponsor of the 2018 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for Fifth Consecutive Year
July 23, 2018
TEMPE, Ariz. July 23, 2018 Rockford Fosgate (www.rockfordfosgate.com), the industry leader in high-performance audio solutions, is proud to announce for the fifth consecutive year that it will be the Official Motorcycle Audio Sponsor" of the famed Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, during the 78th annual event from August 3-12, 2018. Rockford Fosgate will bring high performance motorcycle audio systems to the crowds of enthusiasts on Lazelle Street in downtown Sturgis, S.D. as well as at the Black Hills Harley-Davidson in Rapid City, S.D. during the Rally.

RumbleOn to Sponsor 78th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
July 19, 2018
RumbleOn to act as the exclusive online pre-owned motorcycle company sponsor at the annual rally

Sturgis Police Motorcycle Raffle
July 18, 2018
The Sturgis Police Athletic League (PAL) is raffling a 2015 Harley Davidson Sturgis Police Edition FLHTP motorcycle.

BEEF Continues as Official Meat of the 78th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
July 11, 2018
BEEF continues to be celebrated by thousands of consumers as they head to the 78th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) team and the beef checkoff are once again partnering with the City of Sturgis as the "Official Meat of the 78th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally."

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Names Progressive as Title Sponsor.
June 29, 2018
The City of Sturgis is proud to announce a four-year agreement naming Progressive Casualty Insurance Company as the Title Sponsor of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

VFW to Sponsor 78th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
June 5, 2018
The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is proud to announce it is the official sponsor of the 2018 Military Appreciation Day at the 78th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Names Roland Sands 2018 Grand Marshal.
May 30, 2018
Legendary custom bike builder and road racing champion, Roland Sands has been named the Grand Marshal for the 78th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally scheduled to take place Friday, August 3 Sunday, August 12, 2018.

Pappy Hoel Campground named Official Campground of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
April 4, 2018
The City of Sturgis is excited to announce the Official Campground of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Sturgis City Manager Daniel Ainslie stated Our partnership with the Pappy Hoel Campground is a win win. We all want the very best for our attendees and we are confident that those who choose to enjoy the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally while staying at the Pappy Hoel Campground will most definitely have a great Rally experience"

Roundabouts coming to Sturgis!
April 1, 2018
The City of Sturgis, South Dakota announced a plan to install European-style traffic roundabouts at both ends of Historic Main Street in the heart of Sturgis to increase traffic flow as next step in downtown Rally-friendly infrastructure improvements.

2018 South Dakota Vacation Guide
March 28, 2018
The 2018 South Dakota Vacation Guide is a 265-page, full-color traveler's guide to South Dakota. It's a big, comprehensive magazine filled with color photos, different maps and information on attractions, accommodations, and visitor services in all corners of the state.

Sturgis Burger Battle named Preferred Qualifier for World Food Championships
February 5, 2018 - By Jerry Cole
STURGIS, SD, February 5, 2018 The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has announced that it has been named a Preferred Qualifier for the World Food Championships at the inaugural Sturgis Burger Battle.

Sturgis: Eat, Drink, Play TV special
January 12, 2018
The Sturgis: Eat, Drink, Play TV special is scheduled to air on Travel Channel at 10pm EST on Jan 14th. Please check your local listings to confirm, and hope you enjoy the show!

October 2, 2017
Motorcyclists Will Relay U.S. Flag Across South Dakota and Reveal Custom 2018 Harley-Davidson Street Glide. An American flag will be carried across South Dakota to commemorate the upcoming christening of the new USS SOUTH DAKOTA (SSN 790) fast attack submarine.

Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen To Unveil Official 78th Anniversary Logo
August 8, 2017
Mayor Mark Carstensen, along with City Manager Daniel Ainslie and numerous SMRi board members, will be on hand to unveil the 78th official logo of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on historic Main Street in downtown Sturgis.

Klein Tools Named Official Tool Sponsor of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
July 27, 2017
Behind-the-scenes video and inaugural Klein Ride to feature professional electricians and tradesmen

July 26, 2017
Coca Cola Supports Russ Brown Pappy Hoel Speed Classic In Sturgis. The Pappy Hoel Speed Classic presented by Russ Brown returns to the same historic dirt track where it all began back in 1938.

BEEF Declared Official Meat of the 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
July 20, 2017
PIERRE, SD - Rain is in short supply this summer, but August promises to be the month when BEEF will be celebrated by thousands of consumers as they head to the 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally . The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) team and the beef checkoff will partner with the City of Sturgis as the "Official Meat of the 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally"

20 Days Until Rally! - Sturgis Welcomes You!
July 14, 2017
Our local establishments are very excited to host the countrys biggest and best motorcycle rally! They are working hard to make sure everything is ready for you to enjoy 10 days of incredible riding, music, food and friends. We caught up with some of our local establishments in Sturgis, and those that were available were more than happy to let us grab a photo in between their hard working moments.

June 16, 2017
Thomas Arlo" Ventre has been riding motorcycles since 10 years old -- mopeds, dirt bikes, motocross. You name it, he rode it. When he was 18 years old he started riding a friends 1969 Harley Davidson Sportster Chopper for a small rental fee - $20. Arlo loved it so much, he offered to buy it, but his buddy wouldnt part with it. You dont want a chopper," his friend said, You want a panhead." So in October 1984, Arlo got himself a 1962 panhead...

Announcing Jessi Combs as the Grand Marshal
June 8, 2017
Sturgis SD Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Names Jessi Combs as Grand Marshal for 2017 Mayors Ride. Known as the Fastest Woman on Four-Wheels, Black Hills native, Jessi Combs has been named the Grand Marshal for the 15th Annual Sturgis Mayors Ride scheduled to take place on Monday, August 7, 2017 during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The Mayors Ride: A Rally Crown Jewel - Q & A with Mayor Mark Carstensen
May 12, 2017 - By Stacy L. Bettison*
2011 was a special year for City of Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen. It was his first year as Mayor and first time leading the acclaimed Sturgis Mayors Ride. His first ride as Mayor was especially memorable, however, because it was the first year he had his motorcycle license. As if it couldnt get any better, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard attended the ride. Like Mayor Carstensen, Govenor Daugaard was in his first year of office and had just recently received his motorcycle license. Together they rode as new leaders and new riders, leading the way out of the City of Riders and through the celebrated beauty of the Black Hills.

Pappy Hoel Campground named Official Campground for Harley Owners Group
April 26, 2017
Harley-Davidson Motor Company and the Full Throttle Saloons Pappy Hoel Campground have partnered to name the Pappy Hoel Campground as the official campground for Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) during the 77th annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD. The partnership offers the following benefits to all H.O.G. members with a valid H.O.G. membership: A 10% discount on Pappy Hoel Campground wristbands, which grant admission to all concerts, events and entertainment at the Full Throttle Saloon/Pappy Hoel Campground; Additionally, wristbands qualify H.O.G. members for...

First Ride of the Season, 4 Great Safety Reminders
April 7, 2017 - By Stacy L. Bettison, Two Wheels to Wild*
April 1, 2017: First ride of the season in good ol Minnesota. It was in the 60s and beautiful. Met up with a great bunch of people, and we rode and rode. Couldnt be more grateful. Being back on the bike after 5 months off, reminded me of a few important things, which Im pleased to share with you...

City Parking Meters
April 1, 2017
April 1, 2019 (Sturgis, SD) - “City contemplating the idea of putting in motorcycle parking meters in Sturgis for the 2019 Rally.” Temporary motorcycle parking meters will be placed up and down Legendary Main Street during the 2019 Rally. The City anticipates revenues of around $1,000,000 from the parking meters.

March 21, 2017
Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall Of Fame Honors Movers & Shakers. Headlined by a local legend, global icons and a couple of go-fast guys who became industry leaders, the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum is honored to present the Sturgis Hall Of Fame Class of 2017

2016 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Summary
October 26, 2016 - By Christina Steele
As expected, the 2016 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was not nearly as large as the 75th anniversary in 2015. With all data now in, the official estimated attendance was 448,000. The official attendance estimate for the 75th Rally was 739,000. The attendance number is calculated based on several data points including tons of garbage hauled within the City, Department of Transportation vehicles counts, Mount Rushmore traffic counts, SD Sales tax collections, Sanitation fees collected and Main Street photo counts. All of these numbers were down from 2015 and many were also equal to or slightly down from the 2014 Rally.

Registrations open for the 2017 METZELER VILLAGE, the special campsite organised by the tyre brand to accommodate motorcyclists at the heart of the Isle of Man TT
October 25, 2016 - By Matteo Giusti
For the fifth consecutive year, METZELER will welcome motorcyclists and two wheel fans alike to the National Sports Centre in Douglas, the multi-purpose facility that allows guests to experience the thrill of the TT from a privileged yetlow-cost position!

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Social Media Strategy Driving Attendance, Tourism
September 21, 2016 - By Jerry W. Cole
STURGIS During three weeks spanning the 2016 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the City of Sturgis rally events department reported record social media traffic. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally reports that between July 22 and August 18, the official rally Facebook page reached 2,951,000 people and Twitter reached 432,000 people. Both numbers surpassed social media numbers recorded over the same time period during the 75th rally in 2015.

B-1 Flyover To Cap Off Veteran's Ceremony In Sturgis Aug. 9
August 8, 2016 - By ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D.
Aviators from the 28th Bomb Wing will provide a B-1 flyover down Main Street in Sturgis, S.D., at 3 p.m., Aug. 9 as part of the 16th Annual Veterans Recognition Ceremony. "The B-1 flyover is a powerful testament to our nation's military might and unwavering commitment to preserving the freedoms we all cherish," said Jerry W. Cole, City of Sturgis Rally and Events Department director. "It is the perfect way to honor all those who have served our country and those currently serving."

Thank You To Our Sponsors
August 1, 2016 - By Jerry W. Cole
The City of Sturgis would like to take a moment, on the eve of the 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, to recognize and express our sincere thanks to our Rally Sponsors.

Carey Hart to Lead the Good Ride during the 76th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
July 26, 2016 - By Jerry W. Cole
Information Update: There has been an incorrect date circulating for this event. The Ride is taking place on Sunday, August 7. The Pool Party is scheduled for Tuesday, August 9. Carey Hart is returning to the Sturgis Rally this year after attending the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as the Grand Marshall of the Mayor's Ride. This year, you are invited to join Carey and company to be a part of a new charity event called the 'Good Ride'.

White Plate Racing Association is excited to announce the pre-registration of Mr. Jared Mees
July 22, 2016 - By SMR
White Plate Racing Association is excited to announce the pre-registration of Mr. Jared Mees, the number one seated professional racer in America at this year's "Pappy Hoel Classic" half mile race. This famous event kicks off The Sturgis Rally with big time Professional racing on Monday, August 8th at the Meade County Fairgrounds. Where #1 goes ,so too does many of the top racers in the nation. Tuesday, August 9th is a spectacular Vintage racing program with top local and National racers. The Tuesday Vintage program is rounded out with The 20th Century Racing board trackers from the 1920's and 1930's. A special class has been added for Roland Sands and The Hooligans on the Tuesday program.

Kingpin Strikes In Sturgis!
July 15, 2016 - By Sturgis Museum
Arlen Ness Recognized For Lifetime Achievement Honors Sturgis, South Dakota, July 5, 2016 In keeping with the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum's mission to honor those who have made a positive and significant impact on the sport and lifestyle, a special "Lifetime Achievement" award has been added to the Class of 2016 induction ceremonies. Already a Sturgis Museum Hall of Fame member circa 1992, Arlen Ness was a unanimous choice to receive the first Lifetime Achievement honors.

Second Annual Aidan's Ride Sturgis Set for 76th Anniversary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2016
July 8, 2016 - By Ken Conte
Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation Charity Ride to Fight ALD Building on Initial Success Brooklyn, New York - The second annual Aidan's Ride Sturgis, a charity motorcycle ride organized to fight ALD, will take place August 8, 2016, during the 76th anniversary of the iconic Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Last year, 75 riders participated, raising over $13,500 for the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation, and organizers expect an even bigger turnout this time around.