84th Rally, Aug. 2nd-11th, Begins in

City Parking Meters
April 1, 2017

April 1, 2019 (Sturgis, SD) - “City contemplating the idea of putting in motorcycle parking meters in Sturgis for the 2019 Rally.”   Temporary motorcycle parking meters will be placed up and down Legendary Main Street during the 2019 Rally.   The City anticipates revenues of around $1,000,000 from the parking meters. City Manager Daniel Ainslie stated that “This will be the first time that we have been able to receive revenues for the event.  Many people have asked us why we don’t charge a gate fee like other Rally’s and now we can.”  The revenues will help pay for a new end to end 360-degree Virtual Reality live streaming system that will allow the entire world to experience the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ from the comfort of their own home.  The new system integrates several VR cameras located around Sturgis, cloud, and applications, delivering live streaming VR video to all VR headsets now in production.  Ainslie said that “the future of events is the experience, and this will be the greatest experience of a lifetime sitting at home and being able to experience the rally from your own couch.”  The experience will allow you to walk around Sturgis like you were here, experience the Mayor’s Ride when it happens and even attend a concert or two with a front row seat without having to pay the ticket price.  Ainslie said, “If the parking meters are approved at City Council the new VR system could be installed in time for the 80th anniversary which will be held next year.”

Have a very Happy April Fools Day.