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Sturgis Plans Motorcycle Street Race On Legendary Main Street
October 27, 2022

Sturgis plans motorcycle street race on legendary Main Street  STURGIS, S.D. - In an effort to honor the racing tradition as well as bring  new and exciting innovations to the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally,  organizers are planning a street race on legendary Main Street Sturgis for  the 83rd Rally. 

“In order to grow, you generally need to try new things,” said Sturgis  Mayor Mark Carstensen. “We believe by adding this street race on the last  Saturday of the Rally, we will appeal to another audience of motorcycle  enthusiasts.” 

Details are evolving and will be announced in the coming months, but the  plan is to cordon off two blocks of Main Street for the race on Saturday,  Aug. 12. 

“No matter how successful your event is, there’s always room for  improvement,” said Sturgis Rally & Events Director Tammy Even-Cordell.  “We are striving to better this event every year, which inherently involves  taking risks such as this Main Street race.” 

Sturgis has had racing on Main Street, but of the supermoto variety from  2012 to 2016. 

This preliminary race route will be an oval course on downtown city  streets. 

There will be a variety of classes including one for amateurs. “We’d rather be growing and evolving than the alternative,” Carstensen  said.