83rd Rally, Aug. 4th-13th, Begins in

Places To Shop

Sturgis Businesses (Retail & Gifts)
Liquor & Beer
Harley-Davidson Merchandise

Attractions & Entertainment

Toms' T's Sturgis

Year Round Businesses
The businesses listed under sections (on the left) are:

  • Black Hills year round businesses
  • Other businesses offering products of interest to motorcyclists who love to travel

Rally Vendors

The City of Sturgis offers this service to help rally attendees find Rally Vendors. We will be adding hundreds of vendors to the Rally Vendors section as we get closer to the event. (see top, left column) 

From your desktop, tablet and smartphone, you’ll now be able to learn about the Rally Vendors:

  • Their business name
  • Their rally address and google map link
  • Their specific rally vending days and hours
  • The products and services they’ll be vending at this years rally

And, you can also use the SEARCH feature (top left column) to find what you are looking for.