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In 1936, a small motorcycle club in Sturgis was formed, dedicated simply to riding and racing. They started by cleaning up the fairgrounds and began staging motorcycle "Field Days" using the old track. They had great fun doing it. But, in 1937 they took the event more seriously. They still did all of the trick events normally done during a motorcycle Field Day, but also successfully added "speed racing" on the half-mile track to their event, which gained the notice of both the local merchants and the greater racing community. After some encouragement, agreements were made setting up 1938 to be the "birth year" of the Rally. Racing events were held during August and the town of Sturgis staged “fair like” events downtown in support. The Sturgis Rally was thus born.

This year we celebrate the 78th Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ and we have come a long way from 200 people showing up for racing, riding and entertainment. If you are coming to the Rally™ this year be sure you take in at least one of the races that made Sturgis what it is today.


2018 Race Schedules:

Jack Pine Gypsies

Black Hills Speedway

Buffalo Chip

Sturgis Dragway

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